Senin, Agustus 21, 2006

Iraqi Economy and the investment incentives

The oil wealth in the country has the advantages of low development costs and production along with high productivity per well, and the lack of wells depth compared with other countries, in addition to Iraq's possession of a good infrastructure for the pipelines, reservoirs and pumping stations to facilitate the process of linking the new fields to export facilities.

Then there is the potential for agricultural, with the possibility of investment in land reclamation areas with low levels of workmen wages in general which is not available in the neighboring countries, Iraq is from the countries that possess this advantage if invested large sums in each of the sectors of infrastructure and productive sectors.

The market size is a critical factor in laws (investment). The expanded size of the market increases the investment opportunities and increases the feasibility of developing projects with large energy.

The Iraqi market is relatively large, it is affected by horizontal factors which is the size of the population, as well as influenced by vertical market factors, it is the income level and living to individuals as well as provide expertise relative in the area of basic industries - value-added and that the availability of raw materials own large proportion of what makes it (investment) would be a priority for the country and meaningful for the investor.(Source)AlSabah


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