Kamis, Desember 07, 2006

Dollar dropping agianst iraqi dinar caused by low interest rates

Dr. Taha Fakhri, member of the Iraqi Institute for developing the economy, said: "The decline in interest rates is the reason behind the slight decline in the dollar in governmental auctions and commercial transactions". He added: "This decline is also caused by the weak consumers demand on imported goods due to the deteriorating security situation, which compelled the State to finance some important deals".

He pointed out that: "The slight rise or decline of the dollar does not obstruct the growth or value of the iraqi dinar which is expected to become stronger than before with the introduction of the balance of 2007 and the strategic application of the new monetary policy announced by the government last year". He explained: "The decline will be reflected on the value of the precious metals whose prices will rise as a result of the fall in the dollar, which gives an opportunity for those who hold commercial transactions, such as automobiles and heavy equipment, to invest them". Fakhri said: in some cases the decline in the dollar rate is linked to America itself through the entry of imported goods and the exit of funds from it.(Source)AlSabah


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