Jumat, Mei 18, 2007

Iraq grants Jordan preferential prices for oil

He added, during his presence in the fourth international exhibition for the reconstruction of Iraq held in Amman, that the problem is in the unstable security situation on the road between Beiji and the Iraqi border, which impede the implementation of the agreement signed in Baghdad, when the Jordanian Prime Minister, Maaroof Al-Bikheet visited it last year, and not in the relations between Iraq and Jordan. He stressed the needed of the two countries for pipeline between them, but such a pipeline has not been built despite the need for it. He pointed out that after this period, the Jordanian government found the road unsafe for the transport of oil from Iraq, and we are still ready to implement this project if not for the security dilemmas that accompany the transport process.

He said that there is a complex security situation, but this does not prevent us from the construction process, "We can not achieve any security success unless the Iraqi citizen senses a kind of prosperity and improved services".

About the budget, he said that the security aspect has put pressure on our budget for this year; $8 billion have been allocated to fund security and military forces out of $41 billion of the State' budget, to build these forces and get them ready to assume full security responsibility from the multinational forces that could leave Iraq at any time; they are free in their decision, but we must be prepared for that.(Source)AlSabah


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