Sabtu, Agustus 09, 2008

The Ministry of Industry has concluded agreements with a British companies to develop textile plants

The spokeswoman of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, declared on Monday, the ministry has concluded an agreement with a British company to develop its textile plants to be able to supply the needs of the ministries of Iraqi Defense and Interior, during the visit of Minister of Industry to Britain where he met many representatives of corporations, last week.

The spokeswoman Hanan Jassim, stated to (Aswat Al Iraq) that the Ministry of Industry "concluded a memorandum of understanding with the British company (Admorchild), including the development of its Iraqi textile plants, to enable them to supply the needs of the Ministries of Defence and Interior."

The agreement was concluded "during the visit of Industry Minister Fawzi Hariri to Britain, last week, at the head of a high-level delegation from the ministry of Staff."

According to the memorandum of understanding that "includes, the company (Admorchild) to develop Iraq's textile plants, the introduction of new production lines with the British advanced techniques", hinting that the new lines will produce "some of the requirements of protection and self-defense to meet the needs of the Ministries of Defence and Interior ", Without indicating the details of these materials.

The ministry delegation headed by Minister of Industry and Minerals Fawzi Hariri, included the members of the Under-Secretary for central activities, Dr. Sami Al-Araji, and a group of directors-general, visited the United Kingdom during the period from (27th, July last to 2nd, August current .

Mrs. Hannan Jasim pointed out that the delegation discussed with a number of British companies "opportunities for cooperation and industrial investment, on the background of Iraq's orientation towards the reconstruction of Iraq, and openness to the EU, following the steady improvement in the security situation throughout the country."

It added that "the delegation agreed, in principle, with (getech) the British company for mutual cooperation in a number of scientific areas," explaining that including "dealing with the geophysical data and magnetic attraction available on Iraq, and to provide ministry-related companies ( Particularly the geological survey and mineral investigation), a database of modern projects serving the oil and mineral exploration, to train their staff with these companies to the latest interpretation of geophysical data and process. "

The informational spokeswoman of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals that "the delegation also discussed with British companies many topics concerning investment in Iraq, including Iraqi laws on investment and technology transfer, human knowledge of the companies that would build or develop the Iraqi industrial utilities, in addition to examine the nature of contracts expected of those companies to conclude with the ministry. "

She pointed out that British companies which met the Iraqi delegation "expressed interest in cooperation with the ministry as a reference of technical expertise for implementing the shared projects in Iraq," noting that those companies "expressed satisfaction at the presence of engineering abilities and technical firms in the ministry, could support the industrial and service projects that can be agreed upon between the two sides in future. "

The Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was in European tour during in last July ,that included Germany, Italy and the Vatican State, which called on EU countries to cooperate with Iraq on all levels.

(Iraq Directory)


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