Jumat, Juni 03, 2005

Al Bahadli: Our Priorities are Based on Considering Agriculture as the Second Most Prominent Resource of National Economy

While the agricultural departments are supplying with the available supplies of seeds and fertilizers, the agriculture ministry is activating the international agricultural cooperation relations for the objective of supplying with the country needs of supplies of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and the modern technology of agricultural machinery. Dr. Ali Hussein Al Bahadli, agriculture minister, said that the ministry intends to set a plan within the framework of the government political program and the comments of Dr. Al Ja’fari in his call to refrain from relying on single economy, referring to the significance of the production and economic sectors, including agriculture, considering as the permanent oil for Iraq. He clarified that the ministry’s priorities are seeking to apply the comprehensive package of agricultural operations and benefiting from the practical and guidance expertise in developing the agricultural reality.

Al Basra Needs

Mohamed Mosbeh Al Wa’eli, Al Basra governor, said that the province departments are seeking for supplying with seeds, pesticides and agricultural supplies for the farmers and farms in the province. He called the competent departments to hurry in preparing programs and studies that fulfill the current needs to push the process of agricultural development in Basra forward. Al Basra governor has expressed his optimism to achieve a glamorous agricultural future in his province that is still facing great difficulties with regard to the agricultural development, as this sector did not witness any noticeable development for the lack of serious field follow-up of its affairs, especially with regard to establishing agricultural projects in the province, despite the fact that the development facilities and factors are greatly existing in it.

Waset Plan

Waset province agricultural administration ahs started the execution of the items of its agricultural plan for the current season, while the laboratory examinations that were executed by the national environment association have disclosed that the soil of Al Kut city is exposed to dangerous nuclear radiations. Salam Eskander, agriculture manager in Waset province, said that the administration has started the execution of the items of its agricultural plan for the current season for the crops of yellow maize and cotton. He added that the current plan includes planting an area of 100 thousand donums with the yellow maize crop, 21 thousand donums with “Al Shalab” crop, 14 thousand donums with sunflower crop, and 12 thousand donums with cotton. He pointed out that the agriculture department has also established fields of palm trees in an area of 30 donums as a first stage, which includes planting 3000 palm shoots of rare good types. Moreover, two locations were designated to plant olive trees, which are rich in oil, in an area of 10 donums for each location, in addition to two other model locations in Al Kut region and Al Hafreya to establish two model villages for the dedicated farmers and veterinarians in the province.

Amber Rice in Najaf

Najaf agricultural administration has set a studied plan for the season of “Al Shalab” crop in the province, after coordinating with the ministries of electricity and trade and the irrigation administration in the province. Khamat Mourad, agriculture manager in the province, said that the major objective of the plan that was set by the administration in the increase of the production rate of the donum of the amber rice, which is currently between 700 to 800 kg. This production capacity is poor with regard to the other types of rice. Yet, farmers insist on planting the amber rice as its quality and prices are high and it is demanded in global markets. Mourad said that coordination between the agriculture ministry and the general researches administration has resulted in new types of rice with high production rates that suit the climate conditions in Najaf province. These types are Mesh’khab 1, Ibaa’, July, Al Somoud and other Vietnamese types, in addition to the Jasmine type that was planted in limited areas and has succeeded in giving good production rates, as the donum’s production has exceeded 1500 kg. He pointed out that an agreement was reached with the trade ministry to purchase this type at the same price of the amber type.

As for the planted area this season, it would be approximately from 192 to 196 thousand donums. The agricultural supplies and fertilizers were provided for this purpose as the agriculture branches are distributing sufficient amounts of Dap fertilizer, at the rate of 40 kg for each donum. As for the Urea fertilizer, it has been supplied in sufficient amounts and would be supplied after the germination operations.

Maisan’s Agricultural Reality

The agricultural committee in Maisan municipality council has taken procedures and means that would guarantee handling the rise of water levels, the danger of dams, which are suffering from the control of water and that residents are living in low areas, studying returning the marsh lands (Al Ahwar) to their previous conditions, the modern irrigation plan and supporting the agricultural reality. It decided to organize field visit to Om Ne’aj Marshlands and dealing with the problems that hinder the agricultural process, such as the issue of electricity, and addressing the agriculture ministry with regard to the cancellation of the accumulated debts against farmers of the owners of lands with poor production, in addition to handling the issue of the work of humane organizations on establishing schools and clinics.

Al Sabah


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