Kamis, Juni 23, 2005

Al Shabibi : Iraq will pay all its debts in 2011

Al Shabibi said Iraq now is executing a reform economical program considering the agreement with the international monitory fund which requires a series of actions to be taken to transfer Iraq to the market economy. The governor clarified that the agreement with Paris club stated that 80% of Iraqi debts will be removed on condition that this process will be executed in stages. The first stage is already executed and 30% was canceled directly on the signature without any conditions or implementation of any program according to the program of urgent help to countries after conflicts. The second stage which will cancel another 30% will be executed in the end of next October, there will be the cancellation of the remaining 20% out of the 80% we have agreed upon with Paris Club , this we will work on its cancellation according to predefined agreements enabling us to cancel all the 80% in the year 2008. (Source) Al Dustoor/ Hayder Al Hashimi


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