Minggu, November 05, 2006

500 companies from 25 countries participate in international exhibition on the methods of developing agriculture and animal wealth in Iraq

The exhibition will be Organized by, "Bawabat Asharq Al-Awsat Group" and "Assabah Ajjadeed" in collaboration with the Jordanian and Iraqi Ministries of Agriculture under the slogan " green Iraq ", while the country faces challenges, especially in its agricultural sector, which is hoped to be an open market for initiatives and investments.

The agency quoted Jordanian Agriculture Minister Akif Zoubi that "Jordan is trying to re-trade exchange with Iraq, which is the first trade partner to it as it was earlier in the importation of sheep and Iraqi dates and the receive of the Iraqi market for Jordanian agricultural production requirements, vegetables and eggs."

According to official figures, Jordan exported about eighty thousand tons of agricultural products to Iraq in 2005.

The Jordanian minister said : "The government is greatly interested in the policy of developing the agricultural sector due to its essential role in increasing self-reliance, providing food and the preserving the environment; thereby enabling the provision of basic food commodities of animal and vegetable then export them to neighboring and international markets."

On his part, Qais Al-Hamadani, representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, said that "Iraq is trying to attract foreign investment especially in the area of agriculture." He said that "the competent authorities in Iraq had provided facilities that may attract investors to establish productive projects."

He added that "Iraq prepared a plan to rebuild the agricultural infrastructure by introducing modern methods in the areas of agricultural research and directing (...) to bolster the economies of peasants and farmers who make up 33% of Iraqi society."

The Iraqi official pointed out to "The risk of water shortages in the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates by building dams and reservoirs on their basins."

He stressed the need to "the collaboration of international efforts to deal with Iraq's share of the water resources in the two Basins, which poses another challenge to the agricultural sector."(Source)AlWatan


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