Minggu, November 05, 2006

Saudi Arabia grants 1.5 billion dollars to Iraq

He stressed the necessity of eliminating the effects of past and enhance the cooperation between the two brotherly nations. They also thanked the Kuwaiti people and government for their support to Iraq in difficult circumstances. Dr. Muwaffaq Rubaie also met with the Prince of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Ahmed Sabah, and discussed the issue of Kuwaiti debt on Iraq, reconstruction and cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

Dr. Barham Salih said that the security situation in Iraq will witness some improvement if Syria cooperate with the Iraqi government to work on controlling the border and prevent the infiltration of terrorists.

Saleh said in a joint press conference with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ashraf Qazi, after the preparatory meeting of the International Covenant with Iraq, which was concluded in Kuwait yesterday: that Syria need to work harder, with greater credibility and must be aware of the gravity of the situation in Iraq, and make serious changes to deal with the political and security conditions in Iraq. The National Security Advisor Dr. Muwaffaq Rubaie revealed in another a press conference held on the sidelines of the same preparatory meeting that a senior official from one of the neighboring countries, will visit Iraq during the next few days to find a political solution for the benefit of Iraq on the security level, without mentioning the name of the official or the state. But unofficial sources in Kuwait reported that the official, who intended to visit Baghdad in this regard, is the Syrian Foreign Minister Waleed Al-Mu'allim.

About the question of, "Assabah" on the timetable of the political and economic reforms that have been agreed to take place in the meeting, and whether Iraq possesses the suitable environment for conducting such reforms, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the commitments made by Iraq to the international community of political and economic reforms over the next four years, stem from knowing the requirements of achieving stability in the country, and based on the initiative of the Prime Minister in the national reconciliation and the government's program of action in the coming stage, as well as other economic agreements signed as part of the debt write-off of the Paris Club. He pointed out that Iraq will implement these reforms, which are in the interest of the Iraqi people, according to the vision of the elected government that represents it, with or without the international support. At the same time, he hoped for the international community's serious stand with Iraq to cross it to shore safely.

He pointed out that there are many of the accounts are cleared at the expense of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi leadership is well aware of the gravity of the situation, which can not continue. Everybody must understand that the instability in Iraq will reflect negatively on the whole region, and those who want to manipulate the security of Iraq should reap the consequences. He called on the neighboring countries to assume their responsibilities in this regard and cooperate against terrorism, which threatens the region.

He pointed out that the problem of financial and administrative corruption, is the most important obstacle to the work of the Iraqi government and instigates the security situation in Iraq. He confirmed that among the articles of the Covenant submitted by Iraq to the international community, is to deal with this problem that can not be ignored, uprooting corruption and collaborating with partners in order to achieve all of the aforementioned reforms.

New offers were received during the preparatory meeting of the Covenant and new financial commitments in support of Iraq by the United States, the European Union and Saudi Arabia, which pledged $ 1 billion provided to Iraq in the form of grants, aid and loans, as well as (500) million dollars provided for the private sector in Iraq. He stressed that Iraq would be able to obtain clear commitments from the international community after launching the International Covenant in providing economic support, grants, facilitated loans, debt write-off and canceling penalties from the previous decades, in addition to providing technical assistance and encourage the Iraqi private sector. On his part, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ashraf Qazi, expected a broader regional and international participation in the International Covenant with Iraq to be held late this year. He pointed out that the entire world is interested in the stability of the situation in Iraq. Al-Rubaie said, in a speech delivered at the preparatory meeting of the Conference that the conditions are very difficult and, the Iraqi government is still seeking to achieve this goal in addition to national reconciliation. Economic reform as well as international and regional support for Iraq's efforts represents an important element in enhancing the security situation and restore stability in the country.

He pointed out that the Iraqi government has launched the plan of national reconciliation in order to expand the participation of the parties involved in the initiative, regardless of their ideology and policy.(Source)AlSabah


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