Selasa, September 26, 2006

Director of the Iraq stock exchange market: the people are in need of a direct edification in iraq Stocks Investment

Taha said that there are several reasons for not circulating some companies’ stocks which are involved in selling and buying processes some of the companies are busy with their general boards’ meetings while others are prevented from circulating.

The last reason is the investor himself; most capital owners think that the best way of investing is to buy stocks and keep them. That is, they do not speculate them because either they are afraid to do so or they have no knowledge and experience in this kind of investment. That is why a large rate of some companies’ stocks is not circulated in the market. Taha confirmed that Iraqi exchange market planned, since its foundation, to educate the investor and whoever wants to enter the market through issuing regular publications about the market and the mechanisms of speculation. There is also the internet service which gives its visitor the access to inquire about almost anything. In addition, to thorough lessons about stocks and the exchange market.

Taha stated that electronic circulation, starting soon, will increase the range of circulation to include the rest of the provinces through agents who will be assigned to manage the speculation process in each province.

About the late revival of the circulated stocks’ prices, he explained that the rate of the increase in prices reached (5.2%) and it is a good one. What is more important is that the market maintained this raise. Taha anticipated that as soon as the electronic circulation begins, it will increase this rate even more and this will certainly revive the Iraqi stocks’ market. There is also the successful works of the participant companies which will eventually be reflected on the circulation prices of their stocks in the market.(Source) Al-Sharq Al-Awsat


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