Sabtu, September 16, 2006

Poland Provides Iraq with Helicopters and Electronic Surveillance Devices

However, the statement did not reveal the exact cost of the deal which include supplying the army sector with developed troop carriers and armored vehicles.

Another contract was made during Al-Ubeidi's visit to Turkey, granting Iraq contributions valued by two million USD in the form of military equipments. Also, activating the contract that had been concluded with Turkey valued by 9 million USD and was suspended for some time because the Turkish side was not ready.

The statement confirmed that the Turkish government has agreed to help and facilitate training Iraqi Armed Forces in Turkey under the supervision of N.A.T.O.

The Polish Arms Company "Bomar" had announced signing two contracts to sell the Iraqi Army troop carriers valued by 150 million USD, in the middle of 2005. Director General of the company, Roman Bazintchki said: we signed a contract valued by 120 million USD includes 600 troop carriers type-Dzeek3- and another at the value of 3 million USD includes 115 troop carriers type-BTR80. He affirmed that his company had already signed 35 contracts at value of 400 million USD.

At the end of last June, Poland announced that its troops in Iraq will withdraw by mid-June of 2007. It leads an MNF squad formed of two thousand soldiers from 12 different countries within whom are 880 Polish soldiers. Twenty one Polish had been killed in Iraq; 17 soldiers and 4 civilians, two of them are reporters working for the governmental T.V. in Iraq since March 2003.(Source)AlWatan


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