Senin, Oktober 16, 2006

Amending the salaries of teachers and 200 million iraqi dinar for the Expelled of Saba ' Al-Bour

The government's official spokesman, Dr. Ali Addabagh, said in a press conference held after the meeting of the Cabinet last Thursday: The government discussed topics relating to the feasibility of keeping the multi-national forces in Iraq to ensure the interest of the country.

Addabagh explained that the Cabinet decided to amend the salaries of teachers to be (200) thousand dinars at minimum, with the addition of allocations decided by the Ministry of Education, granted to the teachers according to school sites in which they work: (50) thousand dinars for school teachers at remote areas, (40) thousand for those working in rather far areas and (30) thousand dinars for areas outside the municipal borders.

He said that the Cabinet is observing terrorist escalation in Saba' Al-Bour, north of Baghdad, and has decided to allocate (200) million dinars to help the expelled families and work hard to return them to their homes.

He said: the government decided to adopt the report of the committee formed of the Ministries of Interior and Finance concerning the livelihood insurance to employees of the emergency police and determine the ones included in it, in order to allocate the sum of seven thousand dinars per month for each associate as food payment which is considered a temporary measure till the appropriate decisions is taken. As for extending the stay of multi-national forces, Addabagh confirmed that the government finds the national security forces still need to be supported and trained by the M.N.F., pointing out that the granting of fixed military bases for these forces is something for the Parliament to decide. He added that the Cabinet is having intensive discussions to determine the feasibility of keeping (friendly) forces within the cities.(Source)AlSabah


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