Minggu, Oktober 15, 2006

Wrong Strategies leading Iraqi economy

It is a parasite feeding on Iraq's funds and bringing no money with it. Al-Saadi said in a recent study published by (the contemporary conflicts center), a U.S. research center which provide advice to the Supreme decisions makers in the United States of America: "the recovery of individual and public freedoms, the enjoyment of democracy and the eradication of terrorism in Iraq are associated with the success achieved in the economic reconstruction, reducing unemployment, ending poverty and achieving social justice in the standards of health, education and social security services. I also stressed that the success of the new Iraqi state needs leaders that have comprehensive national vision, particularly in strategic and economic policies".

Al-Saadi added that the abundant oil resources are the property of all and the right of future generations as well. The ruling authority and parties, whatever their identities are, have no right to compromise it at any expense or use it as a political, economic or financial power to serve their own interests. the publishing of the study is an attempt to offer an independent national economic point of view the against the government national development strategy for the period from 2005-2007, as well as to discuss the American economic strategy contained in the national strategy to achieve victory in Iraq, which the American President announced in early December 2005. Al-Saadi finds that the oil financial resources currently available are sufficient even with the continuation of the current oil production and export. The confirmation of officials, politicians and American administration that the main problem in the economic failure are the scarcity of material, financial resources and the continuation of terrorism in the country, is a blatant fallacy. In his opinion, the current economic problems are arising from the inability of the American economic, political, financial and monetary strategy adapted to the actual state in Iraq and from misusing public petroleum resources which was one of the main reasons for the political chaos, violence, the spread of crime and administrative corruption.(Source)IMNSR


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