Senin, Oktober 16, 2006

Fighting Corruption in Iraq strengthens democracy

Enlightened nations take it upon themselves to fight against corruption and do not wait for initiatives from politicians or government officials.

Taiwan, for example, is witnessing since several weeks ago a popular campaign against widespread corruption. The campaign does not only aim at punishing corrupt officials, but at protecting democracy as well through calling politicians to account for their actions.

Wai Jink Shing, a Chinese activist, says in the field of human rights, democracy and fighting against corruption in an article recently published in the newspaper" International Herald Tribune" that the citizens of Taiwan now, realize that the principles of formal democracy represented in the periodic competitive elections and the rule of law must be safeguarded and promoted by what he calls "effective democratic education", making citizens aware that without it, democracy will be at risk of collapse and recession.

Taiwan Activists have managed to make the issue of reform and calling to account, in the framework of fighting against corruption, a popular demand which managed to unite the two main political parties in the country: Blue camp which calls for unity with China and Green camp which calls for independence.

The Chinese activist says that higher campaigns against corruption, which comes from the highest political hierarchy is not more than chopping the wings and branches of corruption, without accessing its roots, which means that these branches will resume growth again.

Therefore, fighting against corruption should be radical and not reformed, popular and not formal. It must head for the roots and not only the branches, through varied social and popular activities where the citizens participate effectively in it, and this can not be achieved without effective democratic education.(Source)AlSabah


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