Minggu, Oktober 15, 2006

Kuwait participates " technically" in building three oil refineries in Iraq

The sources said that the Iraqi Oil Ministry had prepared a plan for the construction of new oil refineries in various governorates, pointing out that the plan includes: building the refinery of Koya in Koysanjak in Iraq's Kurdistan Province at a production capacity of 70 thousand barrels per day, the two refineries of Al-Nahrein in the region of Al-Hinddia in the province of Babylon south of the Iraqi capital at a capacity of 140 thousand barrels a day, also, in Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar governorate in southern Iraq at a capacity of 3 00 thousand barrels per day.

The sources said that" Iraq will soon sign agreements of cooperation with each of Kuwait, Syria and Iran to develop common oil fields".

On the other hand, the Executive Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Kuwait Petroleum Company, Hani Hussein, said in a statement to "Al Watan" that participation" will be limited to the technical aspects only and will not exceed more than that because they did not ask for any other kind of participation".

He added that" there is a technical cooperation between us and Iraqis because we possess a major refineries center in Kuwait in addition to our distinguished working staff in this field; therefore, our participation will be only technical since they did not ask us to be partners in these refineries«

In response to a question about the quality of the technical participation, Hussein confirmed that it is restricted to joint visits between the two sides to determine the extent of needs they require in addition to the exchange of expertise, getting acquainted with work in Kuwaiti refineries, observing some outstanding units in the refineries and how to manage them.(Source)ALWatan


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